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Fostering or Adopting a homeless animal is one of the most rewarding experiences.  If you are interested in fostering/volunteering or adopting you can fill out an application using the links below:

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Oliver Hudson

Oliver...as cute as they come and sweet as they get. And...ADOPTED!!


I will never forget the day I met Oliver. It was by chance that he was in one of the front offices, the staff at the shelter had taken to him...he was so frail and so afraid of the kennels and barking dogs. He was such an old guy...they estimated him to be about 15 years old and it looked like he had lived half of his life on the streets. His teeth were a mess, he was emaciated, and he was severely matted. As I walked past to the back kennels for the dogs I was there to  pick up, I couldn't help but stop. My heart broke for him. About an hour later, he was packed up with the rest and heading to rescue.

As much as he stunk to the high heavens, I was in love...and he was....well...one hot mess. It took our vet several days to shave him down. His fur came off like chunks of dirty carpet that had been embedded in his thin, frail, old man skin. But when it was done, he seemed like a new man. It was May but he still had a sweater on him, he was skin and bones. Slowly he developed an appetite, his fur started to grow in, except his tail that looked like a naked mouse tail, and after awhile, even his tail started to look better. You would never know it was the same dog. A wonderful foster stepped in and took over with Ollie when he was ready. And oh my gosh, did he love her.

He came to events, but as soon as potential adopters realized his age, he was always overlooked. But that was fine for Ollie, he had love, he had sweaters, he had a warm bed...life was grand.

No one expected the application that came. We immediately recognized the name of a former adopter with a heart of gold who took in another dog some time back who had special needs. She knew his age, she knew his story, and she didn't care. She adopted Ollie and he's finally home. At 15 years old...Ollie has a family. Our tears are abundant, our hearts are full, and we are grateful for amazing adopters with big hearts that know no boundaries... who take in those who need homes the most.


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