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Fostering or Adopting a homeless animal is one of the most rewarding experiences.  If you are interested in fostering/volunteering or adopting you can fill out an application using the links below:

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Rainbow Bridge


Her name was Cyndi....and her life mattered. She came to us in 2014, surrendered by her family. Within a day of having her in rescue, she was rushed to our vet, to find she had pyometra and without immediate surgery she would die. She was estimated to be 10 to 12 years old then and surgery was risky. But it was the only option if she was to have any chance. Surgery was tough on her...and her recov ery was slow. Even when her body healed, she wasn't eating. We think her heart was breaking for the family she had lost. Time, love, furry friends, an amazing Foster and Cyndi took a turn for the better. She was adopted and we were thrilled for her. But as it turns out Cyndi was let down again this year when her family could no longer keep her. 
It takes a special person to become a foster parent. Their hearts are bigger than most and they give beyond capacity to save a dog in need. Such was the case when Cyndi came back. We were beyond full. But a foster stepped up...and took her in. And fed her special food, and dressed her when it was cold so she would be warm, and loved her with all of her heart. And life was good again for Cyndi. Until she started losing weight and our vet confirmed she was in renal failure. But her foster never gave up. She administered fluids routinely, made sure Cyndi had everything she needed physically, emotionally, cooked for her and committed to making whatever time she had with us...her best ever. 
Thank you Janet Prince Schwedes for giving Cyndi the forever family she so desperately needed and deserved... and for loving her so much to see her through this even though your heart was breaking. You were her angel when all others failed her. 
RIP sweet girl. You mattered.